Friday, June 20, 2008

P-47G at Legends.

Now, that really got your attention!
Just come off the phone with Matt Nightingale in California, "When does it arrive Matt?"

It is on the high seas and will be with us on or about the 29th June at Felixstowe docks. Afraid it is only the fuselage but it will give you an insight into what is going to be at Legends 2009. Sticking my neck out here! Hurry up Murray we need the wings.

With all the servicings coming to an end James has come off "Miss Velma" and is ensuring our ground equipment is up to speed for Legends 2008. Not only do we need the tractors for towing we need the power sets for starting the many different aircraft, hydraulic rigs, jacks, towing arms etc etc.

Drama on the upper deck! Rooms were booked at a local hotel a year ago, they now want to move our guests elsewhere. Whatever next!

A call from Kearsley's tells us that the battery contactor from the Gladiator we had sent for servicing was damaged. No problem another, new old stock in stores, still in original packaging. Would you believe it, undo the seal, it too is damaged. In quick time Greg scours the world and finds another. Fingers crossed!

Roy picks up the Gladiator undercarriage spring units from Hanley Smiths, that gives him a job for Monday, put them back on.

Beaufighter corner is quiet today, Kym is probably fishing, nobody knows what Andy is up to.


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