Friday, June 20, 2008

The Liberty Belle: Touring Europe with Wingspeed

In July 2008, the B-17 Flying Fortress “Liberty Belle” returns to Europe to honour the veterans of WWII, accompanied by a team of documentary filmmakers and supported by an advanced airborne tracking and communications system from Wingspeed Corporation. This will be Wingspeed’s second such warbird sponsorship, following its support of “Miss Velma”, that flew from the U.S. to Duxford, in 2007.

Wingspeed’s package for the Liberty Belle includes an aircraft communications unit, electronic flight bag and Wingspeed software to enable e-mail communications, onboard weather and real-time inflight information for ground tracking and messaging.

As a bonus, the Wingspeed system will even enable people on the ground — WWII vets, pilots, warbird enthusiasts, media and the public — to correspond with the Liberty Belle’s crew during its flight.

So, in addition to keeping Liberty Belle in touch with the world, Wingspeed will provide a link from aviation’s past to its present, and future!

Planned landing at Duxford is on the “Fourth of July”, American Independence Day.

About Wingspeed Corporation
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