Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress but slow!

More runs on the Mk. XVIII yesterday and today, talks with Skycraft about Dowty and Hoffmann propeller blades, pitch angles, constant speed units. Talks with the lads about boost and boost adjustment, eliminate some of the possible causes of low power, better day tomorrow. I think Fred is going deaf and losing hair with all the high power runs.

The wheels came off the wagon, sorry, Gladiator! The oil damper within the wheel spring units decided to leak oil on to the brakes, not good. Off came the wheels. New seals required for damper units. Now have a new rpm gauge, await the generator from Kearsley Airways.

Tim Manna from Kennet Aviation dropped by for a chat. Talked all things Sea Fury, Skyraider and Seafire. Tim's company Wingspeed Corporation is talking with the B-17 "Liberty Belle" guys about installation of their satellite based communication technology in their aircraft for the atlantic crossing. More on this in the coming days, see it here first.

TF-51 "Miss Velma" had her 100 hour inspection signed off today, ready for flight test next week.

Mick and Martyn installed the audio undercarriage audio warning in the P-40B and carried out functional tests, Hawk next.

Plans in hand to start the CR-42 rolling, first job get some oil tanks made, followed by fuel tanks.

Strewth it's Friday tomorrow!


mark stringer said...

What is the stauts of the cr42? have the wings and engine now returned to duxford or is it still a fairly long term project?

All the best with the build up and keep up the good work on this blog!!

BeaufighterVI said...

Hi Mark
The CR-42 components are all in the hangar at Duxford. We have an engine in overhaul at Vintech. It is a long term project but we are starting to make some progress. We are looking for several internal components, some large some small. I do not think we will find the fuel and oil tanks so the manufacture of those is the first objective. Many of the components that go into the tanks are already manufactured. If anybody has any other system components please let us know.