Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mk18 and hairstreaming

OK, a theme is already developing. PR was off to sup a glass of vino rosso, Ken emails me these pics from Chris Elcock while opening a bottle of Vin Blanc. That leaves me with the challenge of posting the pics after a pint or two of the excellent Hook Norton Ale in the Unicorn at Deddington (to be recommended) during a business stop over.

OK, a bit of waffle but an important point about Legends, TFC, Friends of TFC and the forums who post info. about what we do. It is all team work. Beaufighter thanks me for my bit, but really without the work in hangar 2 none of us would have anything to get excited about. Any way bar downstairs is about to close so just time to post the mk 18 pics - they don't need captions, they speak for themselves!

By the Way, can't you hear that Griffon roaring when you look at those pics! Click on each pic for a "big version".

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