Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 11th June 2008

Congratulate Chris on the idea for the blog. Do not know where he finds the time to do what he does, photos, videos, Fighter Log, oh also a full time job, well done Chris.

Today! Whilst Stephen, Greg and myself had an interesting day with the CAA at Aviation House at Gatwick discussing paperwork for the Spitfire XVIII and the Gladiator the work continued back at the hangar.

Full power runs on tie down for EP120 and chase a few leaks, assembly of a firewall on the Beafighter, removal of "A" bank cylinder block from the Griffon in G-BRAF. This was a follow up to Fred's power runs on tie down and the continued oiling up of the spark plugs in No.'s 5 and 6 cylinder. We think we know the problem but investigation will continue tomorrow.

Will find out what everybody else was up to in the morning and maybe be able to enlighten everbody tomorrow.

Now off to sup a well earned glass of vino rosso or two!

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