Thursday, June 12, 2008


Perhaps you guys can help us find the last pieces of paperwork we need before we can fly the Spitfire XVIII? Over fifty years ago, yes five zero, the RAF issued documents called Service Instructions and Special Technical Instructions for the Spitfire. They covered many subjects including, looking at undercarriage links, exhausts, fasteners etc. The CAA say we must carry out these instructions before we fly!

We cannot find them anywhere, can you?

On a brighter note the gang on the Spitfire will be ready to replace the cylinder block tomorrow. Piston rings have been changed, cylinder bore de-glazed, ready to rock & roll!

Clive and Andrew have been over from Vintage Fabrics applying finishing touches to the Gladiator.

Jim the intrepid storeman will fight his way through the Friday traffic tomorrow to deliver some Merlin and Griffon magnetos to Tony Stairs for overhaul. When Steve Hinton flew "Miss Velma" he was so impressed with Tony's overhauled 'mags' he has sent two over from the US for overhaul.

What does tomorrow bring? More paperwork, aaaaaaaaaargh!


GraemeRH said...

Hi, can you not obtain the relevant documents from The Aircraft Restoration Company, They appear to operate a MK XVIII. Surely the CAA insist they also follow these procedures.

goof said...

Try AP1565 at the RAF Museum.

CATL said...

Thanks for those who have indicated possible leads on this one, rather than add them as comments they have been forwarded to the engineering team. Regrds "the blog"