Friday, June 27, 2008

Cutting it fine!

After chasing the missing power around the engine we had to "bite the bullet" and remove the injector from the Spitfire XVIII, G-BRAF. After changing many components, talking with the propeller and engine "wizards" we had nowhere else to go. Injector and "baby's bum" was removed by "Freddo" and Mike and put in a box. Picked up by FEDEX on Thursday afternoon, come evening they had lost it! Online Tracking could not find it, Help desk in India could not find it. PANIC!

Luckily Greg, with the help of FEDEX, located it this morning. It is going to be fine, arrives at the overhaul shop on Tuesday for a quick turn around, then FEDEX back.

Meantime the guys are removing "B" cylinder block to replace a couple of piston rings so we will be hot to trot when the injector arrives back.

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