Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disaster! Can you help?

Despondent Dave Lees surveys a brake bag and brake units from the Gladiator. On brake test last night a leak was found in the starboard brake bag, not a little one, it hissed out!
We are looking for a Dunlop brake bag Part No. AH332. We know they were supplied from Dunlop to the Military Vehicle Support at Chertsey in 1975, what for we do not know. They are 12.5" in dia and approx. 1.25" wide.


mark stringer said...

good luck with the brake part - fingers crossed!!

Is all the paperwork put to bed now on the glad and the spit xviii or is there still a mountain to do?

BeaufighterVI said...

No comment from CAA for two weeks, two mountains to climb. Will know the size of them tomorrow!