Saturday, June 28, 2008

Something for the Weekend then.

Well, Pete isn't the only one to have disasters! We have had a counter monitoring where in the world all our visitors had come from - Japan, South America, Hawaii, Israel, Egypt, France, Denmark, US, Canada, New Zealand Australia - you get the idea. Anyway - and maybe with 20,000 hits in two weeks it is our fault. The server that this information was being collected on crashed. So it is a case of starting again and seeing where you all come from.

Next a couple of video clips. First the Spit MkVb with a quick walk around, start up and taxi out. This probably helps show why we don't get too much of a chance to bring you a chat with the pilots as they are generally fairly absorbed in checking the aircraft out, preparing for their flight and the display routine. Second video is theYak 3 practice. Fairly brief, a bit grainy and what you will notice is extremely nippy, it was here, there and back again. - more video next week.

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