Saturday, February 4, 2012

TFC Don't Do Jets?

In another of our regular web based updates we  have  quite a  lot to tell you.

This  has  been an incredibly busy week for all at TFC, most of which is not  all that noticeable to  those who walk  through the hangar!

Arrangements and planning of  the Friends facilities at Flying Legends are  now well underway.  This week also included a lot of the  logistical planning taking place for Flying Legends display itself.  30th June /1st of July isn't that far away - we  better  start our  count down clock!

What else  have  we  got to  tell you.  Oh yes, Jets.  We  can now  confirm the  second of our presentations for the Friends of TFC Event in March (tickets  still available).  We have members from the original Thrust SSC project with  some  unique  background information  and the latest  from the new Bloodhound SSC project.  We'll confirm names   in the  near future.  This is a  really fascinating story when you hear it  from those who are involved.  More  announcements on presentations and further Event news to follow.

Finally, and sometimes you have to wonder where everyone finds the  time. 

We  currently have a  massive project underway on  updating our internet  presence.  TFC volunteers and staff  are  co-ordinating a resource on TFC aircraft  past and present with a view to providing aircraft images and details for enthusiasts, modellers and researchers, along, in many cases with  video of specific aspects of each aircraft.   A big thanks to all those working  in the  background and contributing to  this project.

We will also  be  enhancing information and web-based facilities for  Friends of TFC members and of course updates  and information on Flying Legends, along with the  traditional TFC tradition of a  few  surprises.

To  maintain our  lead in this area we   embarked on the ground up restoration last year!.  We will be presenting all this  in a completely new  TFC website.  We have always tried to embrace  the latest in media  presentation with a  website that  was  originally  developed over  15 years ago and has  developed  with   the,  flatteringly,  much imitated FofTFC blog, as well as our  Facebook and Twitter  links.

Having started last year in true  aircraft  restoration style we  don't have a  completion date but from what I have seen so far  all should be well worth the wait.  

As ever we  really appreciate your  support, interest and feedback on all things  TFC through the Blog and Facebook  feedback facilities

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