Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fof TFC Event information update

We  are intending to have a  Question and Answer  session at the  end of the presentations on March 11th.  We want to  balance the  discussion and sensed this  gave us the  opportunity  for another of our  world famous  competitions.  In fact  that reminds us we will also  be  having a free to enter raffle on the  night but  more of that later.

This is  an opportunity to  get your  question answered  by our  panel: - if you are attending send us your question by email now. 

Please send to friends@fighter-collection.com and put "Event Question" in the Subject header.  Don't  forget to include your  full  name in the email!

We will then draw the  best  questions out of  Stephens  bone  dome.

Closing date 21st  February. 

If you are  successful you  will  then have an  opportunity to ask your selected question live on the evening to our panel after the  main presentations.

The  best/most original question in the view of the  Event team will  also get a unique  TFC prize.


Development  and Flying the New  P-51 Flight  Sim from TFC

Thrust SSC and Bloodhound SSC  Projects

Flying the Sea Fury

Aircraft  Restoration - general

TFC questions - general.

The  following will  not  be accepted as questions.

"When will the Beaufighter  be completed?"  and  "What will  be at  Flying Legends this year?"

In order to ask your question you will  need to attend the Event!  Good luck - The  Event Team.

Note: Formal bit - usual FofTFC rules apply.

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