Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hangar 2 Update

We haven't talked about  aeroplanes  for a while.  Here is an update on Hangar  2  goings on this  Sunday 29th January.

It  was  a chilly  foggy  Sunday morning  when most people were  thinking about staying inside.  Along with an engineer from TFC,  15  volunteers made it to  Duxford for another of those  days   when some of the  less  glamorous jobs get  done.  As well as the usual tasks of  cleaning aircraft, checking drip trays and ground equipment  the opportunity  was taken for a bit of spares re-organisation.  This serves as  a reminder of the  work needed  to ensure everything is in place to prepare  aircraft for the summer  flying season and Flying Legends.  The emergence of a canopy or  new set of  boxes in the  hangar doesn't  mean a new hitherto secret  project is emerging, just the dedication of a year round team getting on with the  basics on a  cold  foggy  Sunday.

We'll  hope to  have a reminder of  sunny  flying days  later on this week.

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