Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's happening in January then?

One of our  New  Years  resolutions is  to  to keep adding information  to the blog  more regularly.

As you  can see we have  welcomed Martyn from Team 47  as a  blog contributor. He will  be providing quick updates on all things P-47.   Backed up by more detailed  photo reports on the  Friends of TFC  members  pages.

As we  move towards  Spring there are likely to  be  more  aircraft  flight tests and engine  runs.  We intend  to  bring more  news on these as and when they occur.  We had  hoped to  have a report on the P-40 test flight  but the  weather  before  Christmas  prevented   the P-40  flying at that  time.

So here is  looking to an exciting 2011.

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