Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Mighty "JUG"

Ok, we're on the hunt for a Spitfire rear view mirror for our P-47G project, in the bottom pic of Thunderbolts is shows one machine of the 78th FG Duxford and illustrates an example on top of the canopy crown. If you are in a postion to help please contact.

Already in the 1st week back from Christmas, a question from a visitor was what AAF group markings will it be coloured in, as stated in the Latest Fighter Log its a case of time and patience.

It is well documented that the Fighter Groups attached to the 8th / 9th & 15th Air Forces in the ETO adorned their machines in a variety of colours and nose art, but the lesser known outfits that operated the 47 in combat out in the pacific also followed suit, like the 78th RS, who flew some colourful machines in the run-up to the Iwo Jima landing.

At the top of the page are a few images of the 78thRS "Bushmasters" during 1944-45, just for your winter blues imagination.

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