Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Best wishes to all our readers for 2009.
So what does the New Year bring for TFC? Santa did not manage to deliver the two seat Fury from the USA before Christmas so Greg will be working hard with the shippers to ensure that happens ASAP.

Fred is back from his holiday in the USA putting G-BRAF into the air. No rest from Mitchell's finest he will be putting the Spitfire XIV back together ready for the new season.
The rest of the gang will be busy finishing the Permit Renewal on the Wildcat.

Over in the dark corner Kym and Martyn will be starting to think about putting the wings on the P-47 now they have solved the problems with the engine cowls, support rings and cowl flaps.

Before we know it, time for Flying Legends!


Ben said...

Hello Peter,

Would it be possible to post a photo of the P-40F, please?

Many thanks!


Dave said...

I'm very happy to have found this site! I am one of the 3 mechanics who worked for Ray and helped to restore Little Demon back in 80-82.
I also used to fly to many shows with Ray as crew chief and have roughly 83 hours in the back seat!
Feel free to email me as I have alot of restoration and historical info plus pictures!



BeaufighterVI said...

No photos as yet, will post as soon as we can.

Hi Dave
Drop me an "e" to peter(at)
Be good to catch up on a few queries we have.