Friday, September 5, 2008

A wet end to the week!

Friday has seen a flurry of activity with Jack and Stuart off to catch the ferry to France to meet up hopefully with the Corsair and TF-51 at Laval tomorrow, subject to weather. The Spitfire XIV sprung a mag drop on us so Peter and Fred whipped out the spark plugs for testing.

The Gladiator came out in sympathy but it turned out to be the plugs in the lower cylinders were oiled up. The Permit to Fly arrived by courier from the CAA yesterday so only just made it in time for the show.

The rain has eased up so the Mk. XIV is now down on tie down runs to check the mag drop, I hear the growl of the Griffon right now.

So if all goes well the line up tomorrow should be Gladiator, P-39, P-40B, Spitfire V and XIV.

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