Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spotted at Duxford

Skyraider night stopping at Duxford on its way to the US. Picture by Martyn during a break from the assembly of the P-47G fin.

On run up this morning, Thursday, things did not sound good, cowlings now opened up and heads peering inside! More news later.

Thursday 1600 hrs., ground run just carried out, still not sounding good, just taxied back into its slot.

Thursday 1700 hrs., just moving up to ARCo possibly for rectification.


Warbirdskies said...

1351hrs - The Skyraider has just chugged it's way over my home on the way north - shame my camera was upstairs.

Safe trip....

BeaufighterVI said...

AD-4 landed at Reykjavík at 19:36 tonight, Friday. Thanks for the news Baldur.