Sunday, April 22, 2012

Website and Blog changes

As well as the exciting news that the P-47 has flown this weekend along with a first flight this year for the Corsair we have pushed the button and now have a new website and new diary. This is a bit like moving into a new house, most things are here along with new updated features. We have more to add but needed to be up and running to share the new features. You may need to refresh your browser to find (the pages bit has gone!) A few house keeping points, if you find something doesn't work or seem right email us at Currently the new diary doesn't talk to facebook and twitter - it will but at present we will just give you a nod on FB when something is posted. We will leave the old blog as is - new posts from today will appear in the new diary section of the main site. We know the new diary is loading slowly and aim to speed that up. When browsing around there are a few goodies - try the Corsair or P-47 pages. Thanks for supporting us and see you on

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