Sunday, March 11, 2012

Event feedback

Thank you  for your enthusiastic reception to  tonight's FofTFC event.  We  really were   pleased to meet you all and encouraged  by  your  feedback.  Over the  coming days we will post links to  your  various  online  photo reports  (We  were  quite  busy and didn't get a chance to  take  any  photos!)

A  Big thanks also to:
 RobinRichardson  for the Thrust SSC presentation
Jim and Chris E. for  the DCS Flight  sim session
Brian Smith at the  controls of EP120
TFC and Jane for  the Flying Legends 2012  raffle prizes.
Neville Willliams  (ex  Sea  Fury)
The engineers  at TFC for   getting the  planes  ready and poviding Sunday  support.
The  TFC  volunteers  for  preparing and providing  help during the  Event.

I'll stop there or it will  get like a  Hollywood  block buster!

Just so  you  know, as  of tonight  - plans are  underway  for  next  years FofTFC event - 2013!

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