Sunday, March 25, 2012

Diary Sunday 25th

We  are  changing our  reports  to a   diary format in preparation to  the change of  the TFC website.

This  means we will be giving you regular updates , not only of  aeroplane items  but  also to  give an idea of some of the other goings on at Hangar 2.

So today along with routine  drip tray  cleaning and chock hunting in the  hangar we took the  opportunity to  update  volunteers  in our training programme  - this time with  some  competitive tractor  driving manoeuvres.  It is important that  as  many of  our  team of volunteers are  skilled in ground handling as possible with updates  prior to the  airshow  season.  A true  illustration of the  12  month a year  commitment our  volunteers have to  helping the regular team of engineers at  TFC.

Prizes  awarded  today  were  Jack  - most innovative  use of Reverse  gear  and most improved  operator, Shaun, slickest   and Ken, coolest operator.

Nest  post  might include some aeroplane  news.

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