Monday, February 13, 2012

More stuff anounced for the March 11th Event

Already announced is the  plan  to  have a  couple of aircraft outside  the  hangar for  interesting photographic opportunities.

We  originally said  no  night time engine runs but a   few  more  cakes have  softened the  Chief  Engineers  mood and  he thinks  he  just  might  be able to  let  one of  his  charges out for a run in the  evening. So even more  good  news.  Which aircraft (and not the  Beaufighter) would you  most  like to see  run up we wonder?

We should  have more  news on  presentations  by the end of the  week.  With time  for  buying tickets rapidly drawing to  a  close  now is the  time to buy.

Ticket applications:   If you are  planning to attend now is the  time to apply, open to  both  Members and none  members.Places are  limited but still available see HERE

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