Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More announcements about the TFC Event and presenters

OK, Not a day  goes  by  at  TFC at the  moment without  something happening - yesterday we  received  Steve's excellent trailer for  Flying Legends.

Today I received a  call from Neville  Williams our  guest  speaker  and ex Sea Fury pilot.  If all goes well and this  really is  one of those  fingers  crossed moments we will have  two  ex Sea Fury pilots  talking and reminiscing over their  memories of the  Sea  Fury.  This is  not  by any means certain but we are willing it to  happen!

We also  hope to  be able to provide  a  static photo opportunity in the dusk of a  very  special TFC aircraft and the plans to  have another  TFC aircraft run up are  looking good - big thanks to hte  engineers who are  fettling away on this  bit of the  evening.

Finally, it isn't too  late to submit a question  for our  presenters or even to  grab a last  minute  ticket there are  just a  few left.  You can only book online  now  and until the  weekend for this  very  special week end.  Tickets click HERE

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