Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FofTFC Christmas 2011 Competition

We thought  you  might like a  change from inventing different Turkey  based  meals.

Open to everyone except members of TFC and associates.

So with a  fairly short  video  clip what we want  for this  competition is  which Flying Legends  year was this  filmed at?  There are some definitive  clues if you  look  closely.  Prize is a paperback  copy of our  Flying Legends 2011  book.  Usual FofTFC competition rules. If more than one correct answer we will  borrow Stephens  bone dome and draw the ultimate winner.

Closing date is  midnight GMT  31st Dec 2011.  email answers with your  name and address to Friends@fighter-collection.com  with the  subject line "FofTFC Christmas  Competition"

Please include your  name , email address, contact  number and address.and the year you  think the  clip was  filmed

Good luck

The  video:

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