Sunday, July 3, 2011

The week before Flying Legends 2011

Sunday  3rd July.

A quick note on how we are going to play it  for this coming week.  We've  been bowled over  by the tremendous pictures and reporting on the forums by many of you. Brilliant stuff we  have enjoyed  looking at all of the pictures - Good Stuff.  So we thought we would  leave you to keep up the good work!  This coming week the  blog will provide  news  snippets as and when, with more extensive  coverage from Wednesday onwards.

In the mean time a quick report on the  weekend.  The Bearcat and Hawk 75  have been up and about,

(photo Rob Scott)

  We  had a lot of visitors  in the  hangar as  people fly in from around the world.  It really  is  good to  hear your  thoughts and all the  positive feedback is appreciated.  Time might  be a  bit limited  to socialise during this week though!

The rate  of work continues  with Team Hinton continuing apace and volunteers making sure the  aircraft  look the part  for  next weekend.  Steve T  and his  team of engineers were also "doing stuff".

As if that wasn't enough we  took the opportunity to update  some of the pictures of our ever  popular  merchandise   - so here is  Sunday 3rd July 2011 in a minute.

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