Friday, June 11, 2010

FofTFC Blog - the one and only

OK, what is happening and why are we so quiet?

Well what a pretty hectic May with the Harvard and Sptfire Mk Vb regaining their permit to fly, the Spit going on a holiday to France and the Czech republic (due back this w/e by the way). Attending the Duxford air display with Sea Fury, Miss Velma and our Harvard.

We have also welcomed Brian Marshall as a contributor with his regular visits allowing updates on events in the hangar. Thank you Brian.

As the interweb gets more and more whizzy we get asked why don't we do Facebook, why don't we do My space, Why don't we do Twitter?

The simple answer is this, we don't have time! Rest assured if there is news we will post it here. We will also have in depth content for our loyal Friends on the Fof TFC members pages and the main site will carry other important stuff.

If we are quiet it is because we are a) busy, b) busy c) tired. But rest assured if their is news we will endevour to bring it to you here first.

Don't forget we like to hear your thoughts , so please feel free to use the comments option, but be aware if you don't include your email address in the comment we can't reply due to the way we recieve the comments on blogger!

Be back with more news soon.

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Warbirdskies said...

In the words of Frankie Howerd, "Twitter Ye Not".....