Thursday, August 6, 2009

Russell Kyler, what a story, what a man!

Yesterday we were privileged to have a visit from Russell Kyler who served at Boxted with the 56th FG, 61st FS. Russell came to Boxted in August 1944 and flew 57 missions over Europe. He told of his missions, flak damage, returning with missing cylinders and no oil pressure. How did he relax, fish and chips and a pint of Guiness!

On return to the US he flew with the Oklahoma National Guard on T-6's and P-51's. Favourite aeroplane, P-47 any day!

After fourteen and a half years with the Air Force he resigned and joined the bottom of the pile in the Army, he wanted to fly choppers and the Air Force would not let him! He flew Bell H-13's, Hiller H-23's, did two tours in Viet Nam on Chinooks and retired after sixteen and a half years service. He also did time in Korea, what a man, what service.

Before he left Russell kindly signed the armour plate for us.

Listen to him by clicking HERE

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