Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories and Legends part 1

In amongst all the calls and e-mails we received this morning was this one. As well as the obvious enjoyment expressed are the more serious memories which are always part of any Flying Legends - oh and note that Chris D is absolutely right, next years Flying Legends will be July 10/11th!

"Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic

Please pass on my gratitude to the flight team/organisers and everyone who helped put this show together. Ive been doing Legends since the late 1990's and this is probably the best show I can remember for a while. I was worried that the lack of TFC's aircraft was going to diminish the show but well let it be said it was not.

I took a friend along and it was her first Legends - she comes from Orford in Suffolk and remembered her Mum saying the German planes would fly over the castle and shoot up the troops there before emptying there ammo at her house on the way back, as well as watching B17 etc arriving overhead looking for their bases at Woodbridge, Parham, Martlesham and so on, I have been told that its a def for next year and presumably it will be on 10/11 July is already in her 2010 diary (nothing like planing ahead) . She ran out of memory on her camera after taking so many pics. Can't wait till next year --- can you top years show !??!

Fantastic Regards

Chris D"

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