Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flying Legends 2009 - Post Script

That was a bit of a do wasn't it. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as us!

Thanks for you e-mails and comments received so far. More stories later but in hte mean time:

Since 1st April 2009:

We have had 59,998 page requests from the blog and associated pages (not including main TFC site)

We have had an average of 800 people viewing the blog on any day, this rose to over 3000 people a day this week with the main TFC site receiving an even higher number of hits.

On Thursday we had over 46 people logging in at any one time.

As ever we are truly international with viewings from , well really everywhere!

That is an awful lot of people and we really do appreciate your interest, thank you.

1 comment:

Warbirdskies said...

"we really do appreciate your interest, thank you."

And a big thank you to all involved in putting on the show.

Hope that all the CAA red tape can be overcome...