Saturday, May 30, 2009

Legends 2009 Weekly Competition No. 7

The competitions may start to get a bit harder as we approach the show weekend. You might need a calculator for this one. Based on the information in the TFC website, in theory, how many times could a Curtiss P40B fly in a straight line between Duxford and Newcastle Airport (UK Mainland) on one tank of fuel and always land at either airfield?

The prize for this competition will be selected from the Friends of the Fighter Collection merchandise as shown HERE .

Entry by e-mail only to To enter Competition Number 7, please put the words 'Number' in the subject header of your e-mail. Entries close at 23.00hrs Friday 5th June 2009.

Usual Friends competition rules apply – in the case of duplicate winning submissions the winner will be selected by being plucked, as is our tradition, from Stephen's bone dome.

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