Tuesday, April 14, 2009

F/Lt. "Ron" Hitchcock 1921 - 2009

Today we said farewell to 137430 F/Lt. Ronald Frederick Hitchcock, "Ron" to all of his friends at TFC. Ron always had a cheery smile even when life started to get tough in the last few years.
Ron served as ground crew in the RAF and was in Malaya when the Japanese invaded. He made his way down the peninsula ahead of the invaders and got out of Singapore by boat and ended up in Rhodesia where he learnt to fly. In 1944 he joined No. 26 Squadron flying the Mk. XIV Spitfire in the reconnaissance role.
As a TFC volunteer he was never happier than when he was asked to clean "his Spitfire's".
A true gentleman, farewell old friend.

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