Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friends Event -just a quick one

OK - For everyone who attended the event tonight - hope you enjoyed yourselves. There were certainly a few of those grins after the P-51 engine run up.

It was good to meet up with a few familiar faces and meet a few more "Friends. A big thanks as ever to the Volunteers and Engineers who helped to get everything sorted out. Also a big thanks to the Fire Cover without whom we wouldn't have had the engine run. John Beattie really helped start things off, we could have let him chatter until the morning about aeroplanes, exploits and more! Finally a quick mention for Ken (grayfly) who wasn't able to make tonight but who is basicly the force behind the Friends organisation and thought it might be fun to run up an engine in the dark!

Hope to be back soon with some pics or video of tonight so look back soon.


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