Friday, March 13, 2009

A busy week for all.

Monday was clear up day after the successful Friends evening. Sorry it was so cold a momentary glitch in the heating system, hope the food and coffee helped warm everybody.

Work continues on the P-47G flap system, hydraulics and undercarriage. We hope to speed things up with the aquisition of a system to digitise our Curtiss and Republic drawings. At the moment they are on a mix of positive and negative 35mm film which we have to print on to A3 or A4 paper. We hope to put them on the PC so that we can take snapshots of any part of the drawing. Not cheap but with the help of the "Friends" we can make it happen.

The Harvard was run up during the week after number six cylinder was changed due to a crack in the cylinder head.

Next week will be a busy one again getting the aircraft ready for the flying season.

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Rob Leigh said...

Pete, I've got a 35mm film/slide scanner if it'd be any help.