Monday, December 1, 2008

Bus mans holiday!

Up until yesterday only had 747's and 777's to talk about. Over the coming weeks TFC's roving reporters will bring you stories from around the Globe, Freddo is off to the US, Dave Reader is Oz bound, whilst I am in NZ. Graham returned last week from the US and NZ. Not quite TFC stuff but interesting all the same.

A visit to Warren Denholm's Avspecs at Ardmore was interesting. In all there were four Spitfires in residence including Doug Brookers two seat MH367. Nice aircraft but a little Americanised which I am sure will be put right. Good to hear it is flown almost weekly. Pride of place of course goes to the Mossie which looks fantastic. Just to brighten the post have pinched one of Warren's piccies as at the mo cannot transfer mine to the laptop.

Hope to have news from Wellington in the next post followed on by Omaka, then bore you with the return flight by A380!

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