Saturday, November 8, 2008

P-47 colour scheme

We are looking at various schemes for TFC's P-47G, preferably a Duxford aircraft. Anybody got any neat photos which have not been published before?

Shown is "Roger the Lodger" on the PSP hardstanding.


Graeme C said...

hi have you guys thought about Frank Oiler’s Thunderbolt “Eileen”? i just saw pictures of a scale-model wearing the scheme on the hyperscale website.

keep up the good work! :)

BeaufighterVI said...

"Eileen" is also on the possible list, as is "Okie".

steamer said...

Dunno if this helps or if you have seen it all before, but I came across an ancient Profile Publication (1965) when I was turning out my loft recently. There is a colour plate (not a photo) showing "Miss Behave", from the 78th FG based at Duxford. There are also several interesting colour schemes shown and actual photos but they are only B&W.

Also have the Fiat CR42 Profile with some interesting schemes if anyone is interested.

ex DAS volunteer, David J