Friday, October 24, 2008

Mellow fruitfulness !!!!!! What is he on?

Sorry guys didn't get back on to tell you the story as the home computer has taken a dive and not surfaced yet.
Back to the story. Jim Beasley of "Bald Eagle" fame is the new proud owner of Spitfire XVIII G-BRAF, in future to be known as N969SM. Currently being pulled apart by "Freddo", also known by the colonials as "Achmed", and Jim "The Stacker". At the weekend they will be ably assisted by TFC volunteers, keep watching the blog for progress.

In order to cope with the increased work load when the Spitfire arrives Jim has been hiring some new mechanics.
Sorry the list has now closed for those wanting to help re-assemble the Spit.

I wonder if this was just a ploy to get more hits?


Warbirdskies said...

Disappointed not to see her in the hangar today....;)

BeaufighterVI said...

She was working with Freddo on the Spitfire, getting some experience!