Monday, October 6, 2008

A better day

After missing out on his trip in the Bearcat yesterday, due to the rain at his slot time, Stephen took the Gladiator around the circuit.
On the day for the CAA visit the Mk. XVIII misbehaved itself and leaked hydraulic oil on the floor. The tail strut has been removed and is being resealed.
Kym is pleased with himself as he has sorted out an installation problem with the new fuel cock for the P-47.
No major problems with the flyers yesterday so all is good.

Thanks to all for your support of the blog, we have now had over 100,000 hits


Alan L said...

I would say that most of the visitors look in at least once a day to read the latest insight from yourself and Chris ,Pete.
Thanks for taking the time to write something everyday!

BeaufighterVI said...

Thanks Alan, it is your interest in all things TFC that keeps the blog going. Feed the questions in, sometimes I can give an answer, sometimes not. Rest assured exciting times ahead.

Harry S said...

Do any of you have a idea when the P47Gs wings are comeing back? What paint camo will she be repainted in? Thanks