Sunday, October 5, 2008

1700 hrs Sunday - now we have the sun

I stayed away today. Woke up to pouring rain, wind blowing a gale, not going to be a good day. The school in Duxford does cut price parking, by eleven o'clock they still did not have a customer. By one o'clock some brave hearts appeared with their wellie boots, not the usual crowds tucking in to the burgers.
As soon as I heard the sound of big pistons I was at the bedroom window. Sad person I am I can lay in bed and see the aircraft display!
Appropriately the Catalina was first to display. There appeared to be several gaps in the programme but I did see P-39, P-40B and Hawk 75 do their stuff.
Almost as soon as the display had ended out came the sun, ironic! Now we have a great sunset.

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airgage said...

and so 31 years ago a 9 year old boy lived little more than 50 yards from where Beaufighter lives today. He watched the Canberrras in circuit at Bassingbourn on the horizon and then lived through the Battle of Britain but this time in 1967 for a film.

Same airfield, Same aircraft but a different little boy :)