Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quiet but busy

Spitfire EP120 was up on sticks to check undercarriage functionals. Spark plugs were removed and harness tested to track down a 100 - 150 rpm mag drop.

Mk. XVIII Spitfire has its back end off the ground so we can cure a leak in the tail strut, top up the fluid and re-charge with nitrogen should give a fix.

Good news from Australia is that the P-47 wings should be shipped this week and be with us in thirty days time, best make some space. The hunt was on today for a set of Pilots Notes for the '47, we have the training notes but need the operational notes. Located some hydraulic parts for spares but at the moment cannot find a replacement fuel cock. Started on the task of making a searchable spreadsheet index for the 5,000+ drawings we have for the Curtiss built aircraft. Only another 4,500 to go!


Rick said...

Re P47 pilot notes, I'll have a look around the hangar/office on Thursday..I know there's some P47 literature there..

Rick said...

We have the Pilots Flight Handbook, it's a copy & we can get more.

Rick said...

Do you have a part # for the fuel cock?

BeaufighterVI said...

Thanks Balders,
Have located Pilots Notes.
Part No. for Fuel cock:-
Type "G", Parker E-12-1140-23, Thompson TCB-14100 or 14100-1

Regards, Peter

Rick said...

Sorted, have some laying around the hangar. I'll call on Sunday & arrange shipping for a couple of them.