Friday, August 15, 2008

"Freddo" smiles again

No doubt you all wondered why you did not see the Mk XVIII Spitfire G-BRAF fly at Legends. Now all can be revealed! The first issue was finding some documentation for the CAA. Service Instructions and Special Technical Instructions were issued back in the 1950's and it was a requirement that we satisfied them, one problem, we could not find copies. We are still looking.

The second issue was that we had lost 450 rpm at the top end, we could not make max. at 2750. Loads of boost but no rpm. After injector overhauls, prop changes, and many other actions the missing rpm was found yesterday. Not fuel, not prop., not valve or ignition timing as such but a malfunction in the engine advance and retard mechanism. It has been a long haul with much head scratching by a lot of people, but yesterday "Freddo" and Peter smiled again.

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Rob said...

Well done, time for a well deserved pint of neck-oil