Friday, August 8, 2008

Down Under

Whilst the guys are busy on the P-47G fuselage in Hangar 2 at Duxford the repairs on the wings are nearing completion at Precision Aerospace Productions at Wangaratta Airport in Australia. On inspection the wing spars were found to be corroded so all have been remanufactured and in the process some damaged skins have been replaced. Judging by the photo we should not have much longer to wait.


Colin Webber said...

With work continuing on the Beaufighter, Sea Fury & p-47g, looking to start working on the Fiat CR42 plus the arrivals of 2 other Sea Furies, has worked been stopped on the Spitfire mk 22 or is this another project in case you can`t find anything to do?

BeaufighterVI said...

Work has slowly progressed with Ian our resident stripper, paint stripper that is, getting parts ready for when the project can be fully manned. Any volunteers?