Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy week ahead

The picture shown is the P-47G as received with the second seat. This has now been removed and the structure brought back to stock condition.
Volunteers continued the work on front and rear end of the P-47G at the weekend. Progress was slowed by the lack of a few special bolts but hopefully they will arrive tomorrow and we will be able to hang the fin and then fit the trim systems. I think Kym gave himself a hernia today lifting the tail ballast into place.

Dave has been clearing the area around the Sea Fury, this for two reasons. One,so that he can make a start with James on finishing the rebuild of G-BUCM and two, VZ345 should makes its move from Yoevilton to Duxford on Wednesday. Keep an eye open on the motorway and visit the blog to see the progress.

Ground runs on the Spitfire XVIII on Sunday proved all was good, just one more to set up max. rpm on the propeller, then we await the paperwork from the CAA.

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