Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why didn't you see?

We had hoped to show you the Gladiator on Saturday but the weather was not very kind to us in the morning. Pete Kynsey had hoped to do part of the flight test but the wind was to variable. We managed part of the flight test Sunday and the rest should be completed early this coming week.

We tried to repair the leaking brake bag on the Nimrod but on taxy out the pilot lost pressure and had to return. No spares, no flying.

"Miss Velma" had a malfunction in the undercarriage hydraulic system on Saturday evening but the guys put it up on "sticks" on Sunday morning and rectified the defect. No doubt some of you got shots of it in the hangar.

FEDEX returned the injector for the Spitfire XVIII and the guys worked hard to fit it but we still have an ongoing engine problem which we will continue to delve into next week.

Without all the stars we hope you still enjoyed the show called "Flying Legends".


Julian said...

It was a fantastic day on Saturday, even the rain mostly held off - great to see so many wonderful aeroplanes in the air. A few tech problems? Well, maybe next year... Sad to see Miss Helen's damage and hope it can be repaired quickly. Thank you to all who make Legends such a treat each year.

Best to all,


Dave said...

I was just wondering if there's any hope of seeing the XVIII fly at either of the remaining Duxford shows this season, or was Legends the only chance before she moves on?

Good Vibs said...

We were a group of seven on both Saturday & Sunday and were very impressed with the perfect organization and fantastic flying. EXCEPT....that unnecessary and very loud commentary that drowned out the "Music" of the Allison's, Merlin's, Griffon's, Wright's and Bristol Sleeve Valve Engines. Besides this downside a perfect show, even the 5 Stearman's & Beautiful Wing Walkers hit the spot! Many Thanks & We will see you again next year!