Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Warming Up!

"Liberty Belle" and "Miss Velma" are back on the ground after their press shoot. "Liberty Belle" will be airborne this afternoon for pilot validation and again this evening at 1800 hrs. for a photo shoot above Madingley Cemetery.

Our good friends are helping us again, namely Gavin Allen of Thameside Aerospares who came up with the contactors for "Liberty Belle's" flap system.

Mark Jefferies will be airborne at 1500 hrs for pilot validation in the Yak 3.

FEDEX have promised the Mk. XVIII injector for tomorrow morning, finishing touches are being made to the wing closing strips on the Gladiator and just for fun we have fitted the incomplete tailplane to the Beaufighter.

For the "forumites" who want to meet up, the Beaufighter will be in Hangar 2 and there will be plenty of space!

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