Friday, July 11, 2008

Update in the rain and thunder!

Don't panic that is just today.
We now have three B-17's, an Invader and B-25 and a gaggle of fighters parked up on the airfield ready for the week-end. The pilots have made the most of the early blue skies practicing their display routines. The crew room has taken on a continental atmosphere as the support teams and pilots for the European visiting display aircraft fly in.

Engineering - after a long battle and the help of our friends around the world, including General Metcalfe at the USAAF Museum and his staff, Ed Marshall at the Smithsonian Institute, we managed to locate the last piece of paper to enable the P-40B to fly in Flying Legends Air Show. The courier is on his way to Aviation House to pick up the Permit to Fly, so at the eleventh hour we have made it.

Not as lucky with the Gladiator, but do not panic, it will fly. We have flown it once but the weather and pilot time was against us today. Tomorrow morning we will be continuing the test programme so get in early to see it take to the skies.

Mikael Carlson has his Bleriot assembled, come and see history aloft.

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