Monday, July 14, 2008

Talking of Gladiators

TFC Gladiator taxies in after the partial flight test on Sunday (above) . Below, Dave is caught smiling with PK also pretty happy after the flight.

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greshams said...

Hi Guys,
I find the Fighter Blog fascinating and an insight into what keeps the Fighter Collection airborne. The amount of work and the source for spare parts is a constant challenge and something which often gets overlooked and not appreciated when the collection is in the air.
I may have missed this in previous notes, as I am a new kid on the blog, but I have seen in a couple of places the mention of a P40K. Is this a new addition for the Fighter Collection or work on someones else's aircraft?
I realise keeping the blog updated on a regular basis will be very time consuming but if other readers find it great reading then I'm sure it will encourage others to subscribe to Friends of the Fighter Collection, which I now intend to do.
Keep up the good work.
Barry Turner