Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life After Flying Legends.

Life continues unabated. How do we fix the brake problem on the Nimrod?

Malfunction of brakes on the Gladiator to fix before the next Test Flight on Thursday also have a look at the generator charging circuit, the wiring diagram is like spaghetti junction with a road block. Revise pilots notes.

Oil leak from the belly of the P-39, looks like a couple of pipes need a nip up. The fuel system needs a deeper look as we have an undemanded fuel transfer from the port to stbd. tank.

Robs drops by to see "Miss Helen" now safely in the hangar next door.

Start to think about fuel and oil tanks, engine and propeller for the CR-42, that means a trip to Sweden. Somebody has to do it!

Speak with Skycraft, Spitfire five blade prop being delivered tomorrow. Spitfire XVIII on tie down runs today and tomorrow.

"Legends" de-brief with IWM tomorrow, job for Greg and Fred.

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Doordelens said...

Dear Friends,

We're from The Netherlands, and every year The Flying Legends is one of the highlights we attend to.
The feeling to be part of the Legends is hardly explainable. It's a feeling from the inside. I explained it one time to my friend as a giant 3-d movie, but then 100% real. A mixed feeling of adrenaline and also sadness as we returned home from the weekend. What is left is a beautifull experience and a bunch of very nice pictures from this weekend. I have put a few one my site for everyone to enjoy as much as we did. TFC and all volunteers, thank you very much for organising this beautifull airshow. From The Netherlands, Remko Albring. Please take a look at