Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gladiator in the Air at Legends video

Steve has supplied us with a link to a video clip of the TFC Gladiator airtesting at Legends, I am assured it will be included in the DVD!

Flying Legends 08 - TFC Gladiator Air Test

and if you were at Duxford you would have seen the Glad out on the line having further engine tests today.


Rob said...

What a sweet sound

Colin Webber said...

The DVD is certainly going to be worth having and played with the volume up! Can you tell us if the unconfirmed report in this month`s Flypast about the Beaufighter leaving the UK shores in the autumn is true or not?

BeaufighterVI said...

Not true Colin, well it wasn't last week, but a week in avaition is a long time!

mark stringer said...

great news on the beau. What's the state of play with the engines? there was a big old crate next to the beau at legends. Was that a hercules?

Also, any update on twilight tear over in Chino? How's the work progressing?

Keep up the fantastic work you are doing on here. Makes my day after a crappy day at work!