Monday, July 7, 2008

Engineering Update.

The injector for the Mk. XVIII Spitfire has left Martin King in California and has disappeared into the big black hole which is FEDEX. July 4th celebrations have caused a glitch to their tracking web site. It looks like it has not been picked up from California but we have paperwork from Stansted that says it has arrived! All will be revealed.

Thursday saw the issue of the Permit to Test on the Gladiator but a mix of engineering, pilots and weather have prevented us taking to the air. Better luck tomorrow.

The Nimrod flew on Friday but over the weekend it was found to have a leaking brake sac. The wheel has been removed and we are organising a fix.

Today the pilot gang start to arrive from California. Keep an eye on the blog where we hope to feature a photo of all participating pilots.

That well known forumite "Freddo" will have his hand on the helm of ground control for "Legends 2008". The various jobs get shared around each year so all get a bite of the stress. Sunday saw him busy with Excel doing a parking plan, "Where do we put the ????".

Talking of arrivals, P-47G fuselage in its box, 0900hrs Wednesday.

Late news, Steve Hinton and Matt Nightingale have arrived, off to Cambridge to get their head down after the flight from California.

"Liberty Belle" is back on the pan parked up next to "Sally B" after the crew had a weekend in London. Had to search the UK today for a flap relay for the "Belle" as she had intermittent flap operation. More news on that tomorrow.

Greg at the work face looking for a flap relay.

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