Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Days to do getting few!

The pressure is on! Some problems solved, some not.

The injector for the Mk. XVIII shipped to the US has not arrived at Vintage Carbs., this will really be a tight one to get done, back and fitted.

Good news on the Gladiator front. Aeroplane Restoration Co. have loaned us some brake bags from their Lysander project which are the same size. They are now fitted and tested all ready to go. The Working Draft of the Airworthiness Approval Note has been issued and the CAA Airworthiness Surveyor is due tomorrow.

Tomorrow we also hope to clear the P-40B ready for Legends.

The P-47G fuselage was due to arrive tomorrow but paperwork has stepped in the way, maybe another week. Meanwhile in Australia the wings are nearing completion.

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