Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Never volunteer!"

Those of you that have served in the military will know the old saying, "Never volunteer". I am glad to say we have a bunch of lads and lasses who do not know the saying or ignore it. Dave has been with the Collection for twenty five years, so it cannot all be bad. Maybe he is waiting for his gold watch?

TFC volunteers help out in every area and some go on to be full time employees. Without volunteers life would be very difficult.

Just as an example we show in the attached video a volunteer in action. Jim is an instrument technician with a local company. We wanted to obtain parameters for the cooling system in the P-39, Jim helped out by providing the thermocouples,test equipment and expertise.

Another volunteer, Chris the "Blog Master" shot the video and put it on line. Chris tells me you need your volume turned up to "Warp Factor Nine" to get the full flavour of the Allison!

No, Steve is not asleep in the cockpit. He tells me he was watching the temperature gauge!


airgage said...

Points out of 10 for correctly identifying hte aircraft sound you hear at the beginning before the video starts properly.

Rob said...

Is it a YAK 3?

airgage said...

All will be revealed on Saturday!

airgage said...

Saturday 28/06/08

As promised all has been revealed in the form of a brief video of a Yak.

Well done to Rob